We provide planning, engagement, strategy and environmental assessment services for the renewable energy, property, infrastructure and circular economy sectors

Planning and Development Approvals / Consents
Preparing, lodging and coordinating the full suite of planning, development and environmental approvals and permits
Approval Strategies
Formulating a strategy to best position a project for success in the shortest possible time
Environmental Impact Assessment
Preparing high quality, comprehensive environmental impact statements that address concerns, target key issues and diligently assess against policy
Site Selection
Helping developers find, using GIS and deep knowledge, new sites for development
Due Diligence
Providing clear and comprehensive advice to assist developers in assessing the suitability of new sites
Strategic Planning and Structure Plan Implementation
Preparing structure plans and masterplans for urban renewal precincts and regional cities, and implementation into the planning scheme
Policy Review and Reform
Assisting Governments to formulate, review and implement planning policy including planning scheme reviews
Secondary Consents and Condition Compliance
Seeking approval for permit conditions and making applications for amendments to plans and permits